What Is Moneyline Betting and How Does It Work?

The Term Is Present When Determining Favourites and Underdogs

underdog betting and favourites

Among the most popular bets that can be made in any sportsbook, is the “Moneyline” bet. While the name of this type of wager might sound a bit confusing, it is the easiest wager ever made. If you’ve ever chosen a team or a competitor and have put money on them “for a win,” then you’ve essentially made a Moneyline bet. Regardless of whether the event is held in a competition with teams or individual players, if you’ve decided to bet on a winner, you’ve made your straight bet. Make sure to remember that betting on “draw” or “to lose” is not considered to be this type of wager. While it’s that simple, there are some things about this type of wager which might interest you.

Usually, if a team or a competitor has a better chance of winning, they will be determined to be a “favourite.” The other participating part will be referred to as the “underdog.” Although the general trend is to make a moneyline bet on the favourite, punters often place a wager on the underdog participant, as the potential rewards outweigh the risk.

Moneyline Is a Popular Term Among Bookies in the USA

By using the American Odds Format, punters use the line bet to determine the value of any potential winnings. Should team A have odds of -135 and team B +110, that team with the negative value will be considered to be the favourite, and the one with the positive one, the underdog! Depending on which of the two teams a punter wagers on, the bet will be calculated either how much profit will be made on a $100, or how much money must be put down to make a $100 profit. Because of that, the American Odds Format is also referred to as the Moneyline Odds. Find the best platform that offers a mobile payment systems.

Relationship with Other Bet Types

Moneyline bets can easily be put together with other types of wages to form “accumulator bets.” In rare cases, there are also “handicap line bets,” which are among the most desired odds by punters everywhere, as the bookies usually gives a virtual advantage to the underdog or a disadvantage to a favourite.

accumulator bets with moneyline betting

When to Bet Moneyline vs Spread

If we are to compare spread (line) betting vs. moneyline, it’s like we are looking at two different concepts. Spread betting relies on specific conditions or predictions coming true (for example, game finish with two goals, a specific number of points, etc.). Although there are cases where both moneyline and spread bets offer ideal conditions, punters tend to choose one or the other, as to put smaller stress on their bankroll.

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