Are Online Gambling Sites Rigged – Spotting Foul Play

Online Casino Sites Are Very Rarely Rigged

are the online gambling is rigged and there are fixed results

In virtual horror stories, we’ve seen many people that have had a negative experience with online gambling sites. Although “rigging” is possible in the entire spectrum of gambling, in the world of the Internet, it is supposedly more prominent in the online casino scene. But how do we know if something might be up? Does it still happen today? In this article, we will find out.

Due to the nature of the gaming software in online casinos, it is next to impossible to rig games. While almost a decade ago, there was a popular case of a company trying to adjust its slots machines to scam people out of their money via an incredibly low RTP rate, rigging the outcome of any Internet casino game is next to impossible.  

Setting up” Live Dealer Games Has Been Done Before

In the case of live dealer casino gaming, there are also cases when “less than reputable dealers” have tried to get away by using sleight of hand and ruining a player’s hand or playing in “cahoots” with other co-conspirers. Again, any attempts were short-lived, as trying to cheat in an online live dealer game where several cameras are pointing at your is redundant at best. Reputable providers of live dealer casino games are taking even more strict measures when hiring their personnel, making sure that their company brand isn’t tarnished by untrustworthy staff.

Game Fixing Is Not Caused by Sportsbooks

Although rigging sporting events for betting purposes isn’t something new, the bookmakers that offer betting odds for them aren’t involved. The closest a bookie can come to “rigging” is if they manipulate the odds of a specific event, but even then, there will still be punters who will bet on every outcome available. What is even more interesting is that while there are some old stories about online casinos trying to rig their games, there aren’t any stories about sportsbooks trying to influence the outcome of a particular market.  

Bad Luck Is the Main Cause for “Rigged” Myths

The “gambler’s fallacy” is the main culprit when it comes to people thinking that online gambling is rigged. This is especially prevalent in table games, where players convince themselves that a losing streak will eventually end before their bankroll runs out. This, on the other hand, is a common mistake that has been the cause of the disgruntlement of many people. Rather than realizing that their loss was due to bad luck, it is easier for them to deflect their woes and blame an online gambling site of cheating.  

Most Gambling Sites Have a Bet Chronology Function

Over the years, they have been many disputes where players would blame an online casino or sportsbook for fixing games. Naturally, such disputes are taken to the appropriate gambling issue resolution authorities, and after the case is examined, the players are always considered to be mistaken. In almost all sportsbooks and Internet casinos, the account settings function contains a category that displays every bet being made. This allows for the organization that performs an investigation to audit the game’s results at the moment it was being played. Not only statics for the bets but also for the different ways of making them happen.

most of the sites have a bet chronology
does the rigged best exist ?

Online Gambling Is Far Too Visible to Be Rigged

Although in the past, there were some attempts at fixing online casino games, those were easily discovered by Internet users, as well as industry organizations meant to control and regulate Internet gambling. While there are many cases where land-based casinos have been known to rig their games, online gambling venues are functioning with the help of a system that doesn’t allow cheating from either the operator or the players themselves. If someone told you that gambling websites are rigged, they have either lost a lot of money due to bad luck or have never played in one, to begin with!

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