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Which Are the Best Sports Betting Statistics Websites

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Punters that are making an extra effort in order to place the right wager are always looking for additional sources of information that will provide them with valuable insight. They are looking into sports magazines, data from professional tipsters, and a whole lot of sports statistics that will shed some light on who might the winner be in the next event. Today we take a look at the most popular websites that offer detailed statistics for betting, as well as which sports are analysed more than others.

Sportsinsights.com is an impressive website that is geared toward providing data and statistics for people who wish to make bets in the sportsbook. The website’s service allows members to build their own betting systems based on the provided intel and also the latest trends which cover the majority of sports. Although using this website is going to cost you a subscription fee, they do offer a free trial version, which will give you a taste of what this site is all about.

SBD SHARP Offers Detailed Information on Sports From the USA

With SBD SHARP, punters will have the ability to research the latest betting statistics in the most popular leagues in American Football, Basketball, Hockey, and Baseball. In addition to covering the NFL, NBA, NHL, and all the other “most famous” American leagues, SBD SHARP gives its readers the chance to design their own betting strategy based on the provided odds information. A good benefit here is that the website is free; however, it doesn’t cover that many sports.

The Best Betting Sites Where You Can Pay by Phone Bill

Casino players and sportsbook punters have one thing in common – they all need a swift and convenient way of depositing funds in their accounts when they need to. While credit and debit cards to prove to be a universal way for doing so, deposits “via phone bill” has become quite the popular method among online gamblers and continues to be one of the most preferred methods today. Here you will find the list of the best sportsbooks and online casinos that accept phone deposits and learn more about this interesting payment method as well.

It’s Convenient to Use – Limitations and Benefits

Once a player has logged into their account, all they have to do is choose the “pay by phone” deposit method, and they will top off their account with the desired sum. We should mention that although deposits via phone are often limited to around £30, this natural restriction also prevents the casino player or bookie punter from overspending – which is perfect for people who like to engage in online gambling for recreational purposes, without risking a large sum of money.

What Is Moneyline Betting and How Does It Work?

Among the most popular bets that can be made in any sportsbook, is the “Moneyline” bet. While the name of this type of wager might sound a bit confusing, it is the easiest wager ever made. If you’ve ever chosen a team or a competitor and have put money on them “for a win,” then you’ve essentially made a Moneyline bet. Regardless of whether the event is held in a competition with teams or individual players, if you’ve decided to bet on a winner, you’ve made your straight bet. Make sure to remember that betting on “draw” or “to lose” is not considered to be this type of wager. While it’s that simple, there are some things about this type of wager which might interest you.

Usually, if a team or a competitor has a better chance of winning, they will be determined to be a “favourite.” The other participating part will be referred to as the “underdog.” Although the general trend is to make a moneyline bet on the favourite, punters often place a wager on the underdog participant, as the potential rewards outweigh the risk.

what is moneyline betting
are the online gambling is rigged and there are fixed results

Are Online Gambling Sites Rigged – Spotting Foul Play

In virtual horror stories, we’ve seen many people that have had a negative experience with online gambling sites. Although “rigging” is possible in the entire spectrum of gambling, in the world of the Internet, it is supposedly more prominent in the online casino scene. But how do we know if something might be up? Does it still happen today? In this article, we will find out. 

Due to the nature of the gaming software in online casinos, it is next to impossible to rig games. While almost a decade ago, there was a popular case of a company trying to adjust its slots machines to scam people out of their money via an incredibly low RTP rate, rigging the outcome of any Internet casino game is next to impossible. You can read an article about how fixed match works and if they really exist.

Setting up” Live Dealer Games Has Been Done Before

In the case of live dealer casino gaming, there are also cases when “less than reputable dealers” have tried to get away by using sleight of hand and ruining a player’s hand or playing in “cahoots” with other co-conspirers. Again, any attempts were short-lived, as trying to cheat in an online live dealer game where several cameras are pointing at your is redundant at best. Reputable providers of live dealer casino games are taking even more strict measures when hiring their personnel, making sure that their company brand isn’t tarnished by untrustworthy staff.

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