Statistical information on the Irish electronic communications market

ComReg's Trend unit collects primary statistical data from authorised operators on a quarterly basis, in order to both understand current trends in the Irish communications market and inform external users. This data is published as our Irish Communications: Key Data Report and data is presented for the previous quarter, that is, three months in arrears.

These reports are available within our publications section.

Comstat was developed in order to act as a central portal for presentation of statistical data and analytical research on the electronic communications market and to facilitate personalised downloads of statistics.

While ComReg does not currently collect statistical data on the Irish postal market, we do carry out annual surveys of postal users both in the business and consumer sectors. These surveys can be accessed from the publications section of this site.

The information and statistics stored on this site are derived from a variety of sources, but are mostly reliant on data obtained from authorised electronic communications operators, as well as surveys of consumers commissioned by ComReg, and data from organisations such as the Central Statistics Office and the European Commission. If you have any queries, comments or suggestions for additional content on this site, please email the Trend unit (trend@comreg.ie).


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Electronic Communications

Most recent statistical dataset for the Irish electronic communications market.



Statistical data on the broadband market in Ireland, including data on subscriptions (broken down by technology or platform) and broadband revenues.



ComReg has conducted surveys of business and residential consumers since 1999 on their usage of communications services. Raw data from our most recent surveys is now available. Read more...


Statistical data on the Irish mobile market, including mobile subscriptions and revenues.


Statistical Sources

This page provides hyperlinks to external sources of statistical information on communications and IT industries as well as general economic statistics. Read more...

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